Eat Better, Feel Better

I saw this post tonight after having dinner with a friend and it really speaks to me. Probably because one of the only things I have in my fridge is a half-eaten carton of large brown eggs (the other things being a half-eaten box of pizza and a carton of milk. No lie.)

So which came first, the depression or the lack of nutrition? I would say the depression. But maybe my eating habits just got worse after having been depressed. So maybe there is something to this post. I would have to agree, just because of the synchronicity of it all.

So I am going to try it. If I can muster up enough strength. I may need help with that, though. So if I fall off the happiness wagon, and get depressed again, I guess I’ll just have to remind myself to eat better. Or maybe there is something I could eat to help me feel better right away. I know there is no immediate cure, save for taking prescription medications, but even that doesn’t work 100%. But maybe there is something I could eat on a daily basis, something quick and easy to make, that would help. Any ideas?

The only thing I could think of is fish; which isn’t exactly quick and easy. But it goes along with the egg theory of Omega-3s. Which I do have (in pill form) but I haven’t been taking them partly because you have to take them with food, and partly because I just gave up on them. But anyway… this was a long one.

Thanks for reading!

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