Here’s is a short or long little spew about YouTube:

I tried making vlogs or short little creative videos back in 2009. I didn’t work out. I got disappointed with the views, subscriber count and lack of comments. So I quit. I probably shouldn’t have, but I did. I later got comments from people I knew in person asking me why I stopped making videos and I thought “because I didn’t know you were watching them!!”

Now I don’t have the interest in making boring vlogs about my day. Instead I make boring blogs!! It seems to be working out a lot better that way. I already have 20 followers and that’s 20 more than I ever got on YouTube. Maybe I will try making a video to post on here… I know eventually I will… but not right now. I’ll have to think about what my “first video” might be.

I know I probably shouldn’t care so much about views, but I do. If I don’t have views than what’s the point? I posted a pretty cool Zelda video 3 weeks ago and it has 1 view; and I’m pretty sure that was me. I mean, I’m not expecting a lot from it. But I do expect something, ya know? I even posted it on Instagram and Facebook, and nothing. Anyways… I have almost 100 views on here and that makes me happi-er.

Some people might say, “You shouldn’t care about views, you should just make videos because you love making videos.” And that’s a little bit ridiculous. I didn’t start making videos because that’s what I loved to do. I started making videos because I wanted to communicate with people.

There was probably only a couple of videos that I would say I really liked, and those were the creative ones.

The others were intended to strike a conversation with people or at least a reaction; a like, a dislike, a subscription. Anything.

On here I get likes, follows, and views. And I can communicate, probably a lot easier than I could if I was making a video. Although I don’t know what people like about my blog, I at least know they like them. And that’s enough for me.

Thank you for reading!

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