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  1. Firstly, if you are reading this, I am real.

    Secondly, when it comes to Depression (Referring to the comment you left on my page) there are so many different things that can affect it, it’s really hard to pinpoint one thing for one person.

    What I can say is that last year I found out I was extremely deficient in Vitamin B12 – An integral piece to the body being able to fight off infection. Upon doing my research when I was put on the supplement and given shots, I learned that B12 is something with a direct correlation to depression and anxiety. And, before my life blew up this year, the B12 had really been helping me in a big way. Enough about me though, the reason for the story was, if you’re looking for something that might help you/provide some benefit, consider looking into B12. You never know what simple thing might be able to provide you some sort of relief, or at least help.

    Sometimes, people are just wired wrong. And that’s nothing against anyone, it’s just the way it is. Sometimes you just have to look for things that can help, and lessen the bad times, ya know?

    1. Just getting this now.
      Thank you for your reply and input! I will definitely look into getting a blood test to see if I am deficient in vitamin B-12 or anything else that may be causing my depression, aside from loneliness. That is somewhat easy to remedy. Or maybe more difficult. lol! Anyway… thanks again!

  2. I just read your whole blog and enjoyed it very much. I too suffer from depression. Sorry to hear of your struggles. I found you on the ReachOut site. 👋

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