Always Depressed

I’m depressed every day. Not nearly every day, every day. And this has been going on for a long time. There are some moments that I feel better, but for the most part I’m depressed. I don’t know why – other than the fact that I’m alone. I’m alone every day and I can’t go outside because of the way that I feel. I want or need someone to reach out to me – to either take me out, or at least talk to me. But for the most part that doesn’t happen. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried reaching out to people, mostly through social media – but it hasn’t worked. This is my attempt yet again to reach out to someone. The thing is, I’ve completely separated myself from people. I really …

Sorry, my neighbour knocked on the door. She gave me some food, which is nice, because I haven’t eaten anything yet. Anyways… I’m not even going to re-read what I wrote above, because it’s probably just depressing and I’ve already forgotten what I’ve written. But if you have any words of wisdom for me, or just a comment that you feel the same way most of the time, it would be very appreciated. This just gives me something to do.

Oh yea, I was going to say that I very rarely go outside. I get my groceries delivered because life is just too mundane and depressing to go to the grocery store by myself. I can’t really remember the people I used to know, minus a few people. So I’m going to try to reconnect with them and try to form a closer relationship with them.

Thank for reading!

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