Doom (Nintendo Switch)

I kind of want to play Doom on Nintendo Switch; but I played it before, a while ago, and thought it was pretty gruesome.
The reason I still want to play it is because I really liked Doom 64 when I was younger. But that had no blood… or gore.
It’s also 14GB to download… that’s just seems like too much.
I don’t know what to do.
No stores sell it around here, that I know of; I checked. And I don’t really want to go out right now anyway.
The game is on sale right now for $40 (CAD) on the Nintendo eShop. But what if I don’t like it again, because of the gore. (I should note that I borrowed it from the library before, but they don’t seem to carry it anymore; maybe it got lost. Or maybe parents complained about it.)

Anyway… that’s what I’m sitting on right now. That’s the reason I had to write a blog.
Thanks for reading!

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