Suppressing Emotion

OK! So I hope you reply to this, because it’s important to me.

I just discovered a few things from reading Emotional Wellness by OSHO.
The first thing is that suppressing anger causes sadness and depression.
The second thing is that if you suppress anger it makes it difficult to feel other positive emotions like love and joy.
And I guess the third thing is, the more you suppress, the more you build a wall around your heart, which causes you to be cut off from life.
And I guess the final thing is, suppressed emotion is stored in your stomach (or solar plexus).

I’m still trying to figure out how to release these emotions. I haven’t gotten that far in the book yet. I’m not even sure the book WILL help, because I did skip a bunch of pages, and tried the processes listed near the end of the book, and well, the first one I tried didn’t really help.

I wish there was a shortcut.

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