I know this isn’t a mental health website for support, but I need to vent. And I never get replies, so I guess that doesn’t matter.

I’ve wasted the day away yet again. This time I feel kind of bad about it. Because I’ve been waiting the whole day for someone to stream, and it turns out they could only stream at 7pm. Yes, 7pm. So I’ve been sleeping some, and just wasting my day on my phone and such.

It’s not that big of a problem anyway, because I don’t know what to do with my life anyway. I’m completely lost and stuck, and I’ve been this way for many years. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit better I think. But who really knows.

There is no hope for me, at least not through talking about it or even writing about it. But here I am. I have no one and this is “someone”, to me. You’re someone, if you’re reading this. So thank you for at least reading this far I guess. Take care.

I’ll probably write more later, but I just feel pressured to be elsewhere right now.

2 thoughts on “Venting

  1. When I write on here I often feel like whoever is reading it is the “someone” I’m talking to, so I get exactly what you mean. Vent all you want. It always feels better talking to “someone” than nobody. People are here, we care

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