New Resolve

Ok, so… I’ve decided that I’m going to write on here every morning. Just to bring some sort of routine to my day. I may also start to write on here every night, or more than once a day. So here’s my first post (you could say). That was suppose to rhyme.

It’s 5:46am. The sun is just beginning to rise. I remember tentatively saying that I was going to make a YouTube video every day for the year 2021. That never happened. But I believe this will, because writing just comes a bit easier for me. Especially when I’m depressed.

I don’t know what I’m going to do today. It’s a Saturday… which to me only means most things are closed. At least in the sense of calling government or employment related things.

Oh yea!! I had a dream that I also had a new resolve in life, like now, and was about to watch a YouTube video about how to make money (quick and easily). I may just do that.

Until next time… (Thanks for reading!)

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