Talking to my mom

Even though I’ve been spending my day talking to my mom, I still feel like it’s not enough.

I’m taking real steps to improve my life though. As you could probably see from pasts posts today. But I still feel lonely sometimes.

I’m not sure if I’ve already said this on here, but it’s difficult for me to be alone. That’s why I started writing in this blog again. It really doesn’t matter anymore if people respond. I just need something to do with my mind.

I sit at home all day.
I don’t have a job. (It’s hard to find one. Plus, depression).

So having this outlet is probably a life saver. Or at least a way for me to stay awake during the day and not sleep it away thinking it’ll somehow get better in the future. Procrastination to the extreme!

I hope my words are at least enlightening or helpful to whoever’s reading, but like I said, viewers are not a priority anymore.

I downloaded a program called Diarium. But I never used it. It’s to keep a diary. I would make all these posts private, but that just seems like too much trouble. Plus I sometimes like to scroll through them to remember what I wrote.

If it’s possible to make a private blog on here, with the ability to view the posts like normal, let me know. If not, this will have to suffice.

Ok, back to talking to my mom. :]

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