The Internet

Hello. Here I am again… with pretty much nothing to do but think thoughts.

So I write them.


Today was an ok day. At least I made some headway. (That was suppose to rhyme)

Healthy Habits.

That’s what I need.

It’s 9pm.
I enjoy the internet. The seemingly infinite information highway.

I’ve been using it every since I was 13 years old.
It was a great escape back then. Although now it’s kind of hard to escape.

It’s also like the invention of colour TV, after years of only black and white – with the invention of Social Media. Sort of… in a way. Although not as shocking I suppose. The transition from forums and chatrooms to social media was kinda smooth.

Anyways… didn’t think I would be posting about this tonight.

But I’ve also giving up on trying to make friends (online) over the years. It just has not worked for me. Much like dating apps.


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