Feeling Stuck

This is probably going to be a complainy post, but I have nothing else to do! So, here it goes!

I really need to do something right now, instead of just sitting with my thoughts. It’s painful. So I’m writing. So what did I do today? Not much at all. Just spent the day inside, on my phone, while I waited for an Amazon package to arrive. It came around 2pm, I think. It was a MeLe PC Stick. I’m using it right now to write this. It’s not bad. It’s a little slower in Ghz than my desktop, but that’s OK! I hope so anyway! Because I’m planning on selling my desktop. Anyways… the reason I started writing this post: I feel stuck.

Emotionally. Physical, I’m in the same area of town as I always am. I don’t have a vehicle, so it’s not like I can go anywhere. Unless I take the bus. But I don’t want to catch Covid.

I know so many people are probably feeling just as stuck as I am. Except my mind makes up different reasons for being stuck, I guess, besides Covid. I was stuck even before Covid. I spent 4 months in the hosptial without being able to leave for I think 2 of those months. Maybe 3. Than after that I was sort of agoraphobic, and didn’t leave my apartment for a year, I think. My memory is not that great. Then Covid started, and here we are.

I have nothing else to write about but this – I’m sorry! At least you find it somewhat interesting, since you’ve read this far. But anyways… How do you get unstuck?

A book I’m sort of reading, and have read in the past, would say to stop talking about your problems. Stop telling the same old story. Start telling a new story. Well, I don’t know what story I want to tell. I just want to feel well. Yes I meant to rhyme that. Ideally, all my dreams would have come true, at least by now. Or maybe in the near future. But they haven’t. My dream of being a musician like John Mayer, or Don Henley.

I think I read in another book, by Osho, that all your desires will eventually come true. If that’s true, I guess I just have to wait. Wait for Covid to pass, or as John Mayer would say “Waiting on the World to Change.” Continuum is good album. I’m going to listen to it now I guess.

Thanks for reading! ❤

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