Making Music

I’ve wanted to make music, for sure, since I was about 15 years old, when I saw a Sarah McLachlan video of her in her home studio. You have no idea how much music inspired me when I was kid! I’ve dabbled in piano, and guitar, and mostly the drums, but now… being 38 years old and mostly depressed, I feel like I’ve lost the motivation or inspiration.


Random Update

Got through another day…
I also starting taking a mood supplement called 5-HTP yesterday. I hope it helps. I’m taking a probiotic, which is helping.
I’m also working on developing and app. So if you know anything about Android development, let me know. Because I have questions.
Thanks for reading!



Just got back from “volunteering.” I was volunteering with this young kid, probably 18 or so. I’m 38. He was very quite and distant, like he didn’t want to be there, or maybe didn’t want to work with me, I don’t know. It was all going OK until he tried to grab the bagel out of my hand to butter it for me. My perception was “I wasn’t doing it right.” I mean, he didn’t even say anything like, “here let me show you.” Or anything he just tried to grab it. So went to the other part of the restaurant. I basically used the excuse that there were too many people there, so I left. I mean, there was only 4 of us, but there really only needed to be two. So I left. Now I’m here. End of story. Thanks for reading! Comment below!



Does anybody ever think about the fact that we’re basically floating on a rock through space?

Or at least that’s what it would appear to look like from the outside, in…
But I have a suspicion that it’s all an illusion. For example, when you’re in a dream, everything is created by your mind… so outer-space is the mind’s way of explaining where we are… because I believe that life is like a dream. But really, we’re “no where” and everything is created by our minds. Which I think is the truth, according to quantum physics.

On the subject… Earth is going through some major changes, man. I feel like we’re all basically waiting for the world to change. Or is it me? Or am I talking about a John Mayer song?


Failure & Success

Did you ever think about how your life effects those around you?
For example; if you became rich, most likely your family would benefit as well. And so on…
That’s just one tiny example. Be that a somewhat superficial one.
Another example; if you have a good day, it could snowball, and it could effect everyone you meet.
That’s why people say “We’re all connected.”
This interconnectedness runs deep.
The failure of one person, means the failure of many. And the success of one person, means the success of many.


Not Sad, for once.

I’m not sad.
I’m not depressed.
I wish I could feel like this all the time!
Except I don’t know what has made the difference – if anything!
I have been taking probiotics regularly. Maybe that’s it.
Nothing has changed in my life.
I still have nothing to do.
I’m still bored outta my mind.
The only difference is I’m not depressed.
But I just know it won’t last.
I just know there will come a time when this unbearable feeling comes over me, and all I want to do is sleep.
Let’s pray that never happens!



So I’m not having a bad day for once, emotionally speaking; which is nice! But I am bored outta my mind, for lack of a better phrase.

But I do have a blog here, with about 84 followers; which is nice, if I knew who these followers were… I’m thinking I should follow them back, read their blogs… what do you think?