I remember when this song first came out…
I remember watching the music video in my grandmother’s living room with my family and hearing someone say “our family could do the same” (or something along those lines)

How naive were we…

I remember in the back of my mind contemplating whether or not my sisters and I could form a band… and there was NO possibility. One of my older sisters liked to sing, and I could play the drums, but that was it.

There is nothing in my life like that anymore.

But anyway, April 15, 2022 will be it’s 25th anniversary.


It Must Have Been Love

Name a song that encapsulates a feeling that you hold onto day in, day out… Maybe from some recent traumatic event? I don’t know. Or maybe something good.

Mine would be “It Must Have Been Love” by Roxette.

Because, I’m depressed.
And I think I’m mostly depressed because “it must have been love, but it’s over now.”

So yea. Go with it!
What your song?

P.S. Then “Whole Again” by Atomic Kitten plays next on Spotify… lol


Eating Disorder?

Does anybody else get the urge to eat whenever they feel bad? I’m sure the answer is yes, but what is it called?

I don’t have it bad. And I don’t turn to sweets. I just feel like I need to eat anything to help me feel better somehow. I’m not sure if that’s my brain or body telling me that I’m missing something in my diet, or if it’s just some kind of mental illness.

What do you think?


New Pixar Movies

There are couple new movies by Pixar that I want to see.

One of them is Ron’s Gone Wrong. Which came out already in theatres, but I haven’t seen it yet. It comes out on DVD, Blu-ray, & 4K Ultra HD on December 7, 2021 – just in case you were wondering.

The other movie I want to see is called Turning Red. Which comes out in theatres March 11, 2022.

Look out for them!
Thanks for reading.


B.C. Floods and OBS

I’m not sure why my Groceries & Budgeting post is getting so much love, but thank you!

I also don’t really know what to do with this blog. I don’t want it to be me whining all the time. But I also don’t have much to talk about. I could talk about current events? The floods in British Columbia? The SLOBS controversy?

OK, let’s…

If you can, please donate to Red Cross: www.redcross.ca

And boycott Streamlabs? I don’t know about that. I don’t have enough information on it to make an informed decision… but also, let he who is within sin? I don’t know. Just my two cents.

Done. I just covered two major events that I heard about today. Or that was yesterday I heard about the floods.

Thanks for reading!


Cover Songs


I can appreciate some cover songs. SOME are much better than the original. But… I don’t like that when you type “sound of silence” into Spotify, the top result is Disturbed.

Hurt by Johnny Cash is another one. NIN’s version is just as good – if not better. Who can beat the build up at 2:00 minutes and the ending at 4:31 minutes…

Some notable cover songs that I think are better than the original are:

Green Day – Working Class Hero
The Ataris – The Boys of Summer

And that’s all I can think of at the moment!
Thanks for reading!


Night Time

So… I really enjoy the night. But it sucks having to wait for the world to wake up to actually do stuff, ya know? Haha Mainly my friend; I want to talk to her about working on my YouTube channel. But she’s fast asleep. She’ll probably be up in like 2 hours though. By which time I’ll probably be asleep again.



Good Day

So today was pretty good!

I’m trying to take steps to improve my life, and make more money! So I joined an Artist Group where I live to promote my T-Shirt business.

I’m also going to call ODSP tomorrow to find out about getting funding so I can actually order samples of my shirts/hoodies to display at the Gallery. Because I’m completely broke right now.

But other than that, I think things are pretty good, in the sense that I feel better than I usually do.

I’m also going to get a visit from one of the nurses that visit me 3 times a week. So I’m looking forward to that!

Anyway, thanks for reading!
Take care!