Weighted Blanket: Update

Because I’m bored: Update on my weighted blanket: I got it in the mail yesterday. Tried it out last night. It was nice/comfortable. Didn’t help me sleep, but nothing will. Oh yea, I just remembered, I had a dream that someone was helping me to figure out why I couldn’t sleep, she was looking in the white pages for a number. Maybe I should call my doctor, get a blood test or something. I’ve already been to a sleep centre. Anyways… thanks for reading! 😛


Weighted Blanket

I bought a weighted blanket.
I don’t know how I feel about it. At first I thought it was weird. Then I tried it out, and it felt great! But now I still think it’s kind of weird. Plus it’s only 10lbs and it’s suppose to be 10% of your bodyweight, which it’s not. So it’s not heavy enough.
I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it.
Do you have a weighted blanket? What do you think of it? Leave a message in the comments!

Cheers! ❤



I think I need to change my mindset.

I’ve got into a sort of mindset where I expect to change how I feel without doing something – and normally I don’t even know what to do anyway.

Or maybe my mindset is I think I need to do something to change however I feel.

Whatever it is, it needs to change. And I’m going to change it to a “Doing Mindset.” Where the only thing I think about is something to do!

Not sure if that’s a good mindset or not, but it’s something. Probably better than what I have.

That’s it, that’s the post.
Thanks for reading!


Road to Nowhere

I’m not sure where this life is going anymore. Am I the only one that has lost all hope for the future?

I’m almost 40 years old. I don’t know what that means. The only thing I can really compare it to is others that have been 40 before me. And well, there are people that have been in better and worse places at my age. So that kind of cancels each other out.

Let me just say that I never thought I would be where I am at 40 – which is basically nowhere, in my opinion.
And I don’t know where I’m going anymore.
I’ll just leave it at that.

Thanks for reading!
Take care!



I’m expecting something from all this…
A like
A view
A comment from You

But what do I do, when it’s all through?

Will that fill me up?
Will that fill my cup?

Most likely not.
And nothing will.
Not that I know.
But it’s something still.

What am I doing?
I don’t know.
I’m just trying to rhyme
I guess

But there’s something to all this.


Is this Spam?

I’m making so many posts, one after the other… but… I don’t know how they are showing up for you, so I don’t know if this is spam or not. Let me know?

Anyways… I was just on Twitter and I saw one of the top headlines was that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have broken up. What a sad day… or is it?

Anyway, Camila Cabello was born around the time MmmBop was released to the world. That is the only reason I am “spamming” this. Because I found it funny that I just wrote a post about it.

Have a nice day! 😀

Edit: I guess I’ll name a couple songs I like by them:

Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same
Shawn Mendes – Fallin’ All In You



I remember when this song first came out…
I remember watching the music video in my grandmother’s living room with my family and hearing someone say “our family could do the same” (or something along those lines)

How naive were we…

I remember in the back of my mind contemplating whether or not my sisters and I could form a band… and there was NO possibility. One of my older sisters liked to sing, and I could play the drums, but that was it.

There is nothing in my life like that anymore.

But anyway, April 15, 2022 will be it’s 25th anniversary.