The Dream

I’m stuck.

It’s sort of like that John Mayer song “Waiting On The World To Change.”

I’m also kind of an agoraphobic. I don’t leave the house. Or maybe I’m just a recluse. Or maybe recluses live in fear of what’s out there too, that’s why they stay inside. I don’t know.

I’m afraid of traffic and I don’t understand why I haven’t been in a car accident yet. It’s just LUCK! And that’s something I choose not to live by… so I stay away from traffic as much as I can.

I want to live on a small island with all the basic necessities with a few friends and live happily ever after. That’s too come.

Until then…

(I’m going to try to write more in another post)


The Teachings of Abraham

I think it was just before New Years that I started getting back into the teachings of Abraham.

And while today wasn’t the best day of my life… it was the best day I’ve had in a very long time. Because for the first time I woke up intending what I wanted out of my initial interactions with Life. Before I even checked my phone, which is the first thing I do in the morning, I set my intentions and what I wanted. And it worked. Today flowed very nicely… with very few hiccups.

Right now it’s 11pm and I’m intending to go to sleep and wake up more in the vortex.

Anyways… I guess I just wanted to share!! I have a bit more good news to share, but I won’t right now.