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The Law of Attraction

When I first discovered the Law of Attraction I would see what I wanted everywhere. Mostly a car I wanted — in the colour I wanted. But I never got it. Now I know that there is an element of Trust or Faith involved. This was the Universe trying to show me that it was listening… but I think all I thought was “I want it but I don’t have it.”

Now I want a drum set at a price I can afford. And it took a lot of searching and waiting, but I found one just an hour away from me. That’s too far, but I’m not disappointed this time, because I know that all things are possible. And I just have to wait, patiently, expectantly.



Does anyone else think society is crazy?
I think it’s pretty crazy that we’re driving around in 2 ton vehicles at 50 mph and faster. I think it’s even crazier that we’re walking beside them like it’s nothing.
I think this society would be a huge culture shock to some societies. And indeed, is.
I think this society would be a huge culture shock to someone from the 1800’s, for example.

It is indeed kind of a culture shock to me, being a recluse, and spending most of my time indoors and away from people and traffic.

Or maybe I’m just afraid of cars now.