Support Network

Do you have a support network?

I don’t. I use social media every day to try to reach out to people, but no one seems to care. I’ve even gone so far as to download an app specifically for reaching out for help, but all I found were people drowning just like me.

Always Depressed

I’m depressed every day. Not nearly every day, every day. And this has been going on for a long time. There are some moments that I feel better, but for the most part I’m depressed. I don’t know why – other than the fact that I’m alone. I’m alone every day and I can’t go outside because of the way that I feel. I want or need someone to reach out to me – to either take me out, or at least talk to me. But for the most part that doesn’t happen. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried reaching out to people, mostly through social media – but it hasn’t worked. This is my attempt yet again to reach out to someone. The thing is, I’ve completely separated myself from people. I really …

Sorry, my neighbour knocked on the door. She gave me some food, which is nice, because I haven’t eaten anything yet. Anyways… I’m not even going to re-read what I wrote above, because it’s probably just depressing and I’ve already forgotten what I’ve written. But if you have any words of wisdom for me, or just a comment that you feel the same way most of the time, it would be very appreciated. This just gives me something to do.

Oh yea, I was going to say that I very rarely go outside. I get my groceries delivered because life is just too mundane and depressing to go to the grocery store by myself. I can’t really remember the people I used to know, minus a few people. So I’m going to try to reconnect with them and try to form a closer relationship with them.

Thank for reading!

End of The Day

I wanted to share something to see if there is anybody else that does this.

I pretty much live most days trying to get through the day – like trying to get to the end of the day. And I’m tired of it. It’s night time now and I’m just going to go to sleep and do it all over again tomorrow; wanting the day to be over as soon as it starts. It’s almost as bad as waiting in a hospital emergency room.

Anyways… That is all. Thanks for reading!

Lotus Flower


I think the lotus flower is closely related to the Flower of Life – which my logo is made out of. I might update it to make it look more like a lotus flower or mandala. Just thought I would share.

Oh yea! I also wanted to share the thought that I may or may-not be “blooming” – with the creation of this blog and website and updating my logo to look more like a flower. It’s a nice thought, that things might be changing for me. So I’m going to stick with it.