Good morning!


I’m (kind of) depressed. And tired. I didn’t sleep well.
I was in emotional pain last night, again, for no apparent reason.

So anyway… I kind of want to try to remember my dreams and write about that as well. But the only thing I remember about my dreams last night, is I was about to buy a bag of Doritos.

I went out shopping for a bit of groceries (at the convenience store) this morning to hold me over until Wednesday, when I get go to the grocery store.

Umm… I posted a Podcast, not sure if you saw that. It will basically just be a summary of my day for now, so if you don’t get a chance to read all my blogs during the day, you can at least listen to a 10 minute Podcast. Might even go up to 30 minutes or longer if I can figure out what to talk about… or maybe if I could get guests.

Anyway, do you have a podcast?

This is the link to mine! Check it out, if you want!

Take care!


Potato Salad

So I figure I can basically spend about $70 a week on pre-made grocery items. That’s about $10 a day. If I can find some items that are $5 each, that should work.

I may also have another $100 or so in extra cash per month, but I want to save that for unexpected expenses.

So I just called the grocery store to see the cost of pre-made stuff, like potato salads and such and it’s about $1.49 to $2.29 per 100 grams. Which they said was about $3 per serving. I think it’s more like $4 to $5, but that’ll work.

Hopefully that’s enough food. But we’ll test it out.


Groceries & Budgeting

Ok, so the other problem I have is not knowing what to eat. And not eating very healthy. Not that I eat very bad stuff, it’s just that I don’t eat enough, and I don’t eat enough good stuff.

I’m unhealthy.

Apparently the average monthly grocery bill is $214 per month in Canada. I think I spend about $300.

I’m depressed most of the time, so it’s hard for me to cook. I usually eat microwavable stuff.

But this needs to change somehow. (This is the other “fixable” problem that I have). I would eat healthier I think if I ate out most of the time. But that’s like $10-15 a meal. Times two meals a day, and 30 days a month, that’s $900. Not doable.

I could spend $10 a day on eating out. That’s only $300 a month… which is doable only if I can find a $5 meal somewhere! (laughs)

So… I’m thinking of trying out a different grocery store, and buy ready made stuff to refrigerate for the week. And see what that costs. I’ll have to go there first to check prices, but that’s another thing. (I lack transportation)

In other news… I haven’t eaten today. I guess I’m kind of fasting… and trying to save money. It’s 6:18pm. Not sure what to eat.

Anyways… talk to ya later! 🙂