Evening Update

So I wasn’t feeling good, so I took a nap. Ended up sleeping from 5pm to 12am! Now I’m probably gonna be up till like 4am — or just have a horrible sleep all night. Which is not unusual.

So what’s UP other side of the world!??

P.S. The nap didn’t help.


So I don’t sleep well.
I woke up, checked my phone, and noticed that someone liked me on the dating app I have. It surprised me because I just posted a random photo I just took, when I didn’t look so good. OR feel so good. And it made me wonder, could someone like me when I feel so bad? Or when I’m in such a mess.

I guess that’s what everyone is looking for, especially when they’re in the state that I’m in and to be honest, that’s part of the reason I even downloaded the app. The other reason, is to feel that way about someone else.

Can’t Sleep

I can’t sleep. I stayed up too late because I didn’t want to sleep because I didn’t want to wake up (which is the usual case). The reason I didn’t want to wake up is because I have nothing to look forward to. I guess I should try to make things to look forward to, or think about something positive, but I don’t do that. I’m going to try. Or at least go to sleep at a decent time. Now it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m over tired and maybe a little over stimulated. And the only thing I can think to do is post this. Now I’m probably going to check out Instagram as well. Follow me on there if you like (@lifedreamtv).