My Morning

I want to make this blog a little more positive, so I’ll try to write about my morning as best I can.

I went out to buy some groceries for breakfast. I heard the birds chirping. And I saw a blue bird! 🙂 I had a couple nice interactions with people. And I talked with my neighbour as I was coming back home. We talked about music and a little bit about the music industry. If you know about the business side of the music industry and you’re willing to answer some questions, shoot me a message or a comment!

That’s it for now!! Talk to you later! 🙂
Thanks for reading.



I’m in a really weird space right now.
Ever since I was 13 I’ve wanted to make music.
But after going through what I went through over the past decade or so, things have changed.
I no longer feel the same about music. And I don’t know if I can make music now that I’m willing to try.
It’s a weird space because I’m thinking “NOW what do I do with my life?”
How could I have lived this life having the desires that I have had, and now not be able to fulfill them? My life is empty and void of meaning.
I haven’t had a true desire in years. At least not the same as it was back when I was young.
I hope and wish to get back to that place, of feeling good, etc, etc. But I don’t even know if it’s possible!

What do you think?




Life and Dreams

I feel like I have to write something every day, just to appease my new followers. But what to write about? I don’t know. Why did you follow this blog? If you haven’t followed, what would make you follow? I would like to have an open dialogue with everyone. I would like to get to know everyone. I would like this to be less of a blog and more of a “diablog.” If you know what I mean. So, leave a comment. If you don’t know what to write, write “I don’t know what to write.”

As for me, I would say that I’ve had a good past couple days. Nothing eventful happened, but that can be a good thing. I was thinking of writing about my dreams today in this blog, after last nights dreams. But I don’t want to write about the dream I just had, because I think it’s too personal. But maybe next time I have a dream I’ll write about it.

Thanks for reading!