Good morning!


I’m (kind of) depressed. And tired. I didn’t sleep well.
I was in emotional pain last night, again, for no apparent reason.

So anyway… I kind of want to try to remember my dreams and write about that as well. But the only thing I remember about my dreams last night, is I was about to buy a bag of Doritos.

I went out shopping for a bit of groceries (at the convenience store) this morning to hold me over until Wednesday, when I get go to the grocery store.

Umm… I posted a Podcast, not sure if you saw that. It will basically just be a summary of my day for now, so if you don’t get a chance to read all my blogs during the day, you can at least listen to a 10 minute Podcast. Might even go up to 30 minutes or longer if I can figure out what to talk about… or maybe if I could get guests.

Anyway, do you have a podcast?

This is the link to mine! Check it out, if you want!

Take care!