Where I’m at

I’ve always WANTED to make music for a living. That’s the problem, I’ve always wanted it, I never took any action to bring the dream to fruition. Or the course of action wasn’t clear enough. Than I met someone who inspired me with their poetry, which made me want to write as well. That was the beginning of my writing journey; but I still can’t write a full song.

The real problem is, I don’t feel very musical anymore. If I was a record, I’d be broken.

And I guess I was never all that musical to begin with. I dabbled in using the keyboard and playing guitar, but I’ve always kind of been a drummer — not the best, apparently, but still better than some.

I guess the reason I’m writing all this is I want to get clearer on my path in life. Should I be a musician? Am I a drummer, guitarist, writer, or none-of-the-above?

For one thing, drums are expensive! You can buy a cheap used guitar for $100-200 (CDN) but to find an electronic drum set (which is what I need because I live in an apartment) in my price range is almost impossible.

I need money!

Than I also need the motivation and inspiration to play.

That’s where I’m at at the moment.
Any thoughts are appreciated!

Thanks for reading!


Poetry Hour

Miss You

This is the best that I can do,
When you think of me,
Do I think of you?
What’s the something that will get me through,
Every day that I’m not with you.



Nothing satisfies me anymore,
Not music, not TV
Not what’s right here in front of me,
But I have to live like this every day,
Until this feeling goes away.


Poetry Post

The most popular post over the past 3 weeks has been my poetry post. It was a crappy poem too. If that’s what people on here like to read, I will share more. Here’s a snippet from my journal.

“And now everyone’s waiting
for a hero to arise
But they’ll never find one,
because they’re under disguise.”


“A black cloud hovered over us,
and there was nothing we could do
So we wait for you
So we wait for you”

I still have to complete these poems. But I’ll try my best to write something good.

Thanks for reading!


Short Poem

Here’s a short crappy poem that I wrote. Didn’t want it to go to waste.


I feel empty inside
And sometimes I want to die
Sometimes it makes me cry
when somebody cares

I can’t imagine when it’s like
When I’m feeling alright
But when I do
Somebody’s always there