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Bring BRB Back!

Have people lost all form of netiquette? If you don’t know what netiquette means, here’s what Google says:

Netiquette refers to Internet etiquette. This simply means the use of good manners in online communication such as e-mail, forums, blogs, and social networking sites to name a few. It is important to use netiquette because communication online is non-verbal.”

The same goes for texting.
It means, when you’re talking to someone, don’t just up and leave the conversation without saying anything. BRB was always a popular thing back in the 90’s – now it seems to have left the conversation. Bring BRB back!

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Here’s an example of what I was talking about in my post about Social Media:

I wake up. I think about eating healthier. I have some cereal in the cupboard but than I realize I have no milk. I think about texting my friend:

“I should have bought regular milk instead of chocolate milk (yesterday) then I could have a bowl of cereal for breakfast.”

But I don’t, because I think it would be kind of overkill when it comes to texting. But than why did I have that thought to begin with? And because I don’t share that thought or experience, I feel like I’ve missed out in some way.

Does anybody else get like this?


Internet Killed the Video Star

Do you watch TV?

I can’t remember the last time I watched TV. That’s not entirely true. I just watched Kim’s Convenience last night. What I mean is, I can’t remember the last time I really like a show. Maybe it was Entouage, which ended in 2011; I started to get depressed around 2012. So maybe the reason why I don’t watch TV is because I’m depressed and lost interest or maybe I’ve just lost interest. I’m not sure. And I don’t know if I will ever like another TV show again. I tried watching This Is Us, but it’s hard for me to sit through. Not because it’s not good, but because it’s not stimulating enough for me. I would much rather write a blog or watch Instagram stories and maybe even a YouTube video, but I’ve even lost interest in YouTube. What am I trying to get at? I’m not sure. I’m just trying to write a blog I guess. Anyways… what TV shows do you watch? (Not that I’ll watch them or anything, just trying to open a dialogue.)

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Social Media

With the invention of social media and being alone for so long, it’s like I don’t know how to leave people alone, to a certain degree. For example, I always have thoughts about past conversations. And I always want to share those thoughts via text or social media. And I don’t know when to stop. (Partly because I don’t know if the other person is bothered by all the texts or not.) Does anyone else have this issue?

What did I do before social media? Did I always have these thoughts? Did I always feel alone and always want to communicate? We’ll never know.