Death & Wellness

I don’t think I’ll ever be well.
Is that possible?
I know it’s possible to die of cancer.
But is it possible to die WITH a broken heart?
But of course you never think it’s possible.
You never think “that could happen to me.”

So I’m living each day like I have tomorrow
Which isn’t true.
I could die any day.
And I could die without ever being well again.
That’s kinda sad.
But at least it’ll be over.




I’ve come to realize that planning for the next day is essential to your Well-Being. Something I almost always forget to do. For example, it’s Sunday tomorrow, and I have nothing to look forward to. That’s the key – having something to look forward to! So I’m going on the hunt for something.

What’s something that you’re looking forward to? It might give me some inspiration.

Leave a comment below.

…and I’ll look forward to reading them! 😉